This communication is intended for current Ness Energy International, Inc. stockholders.

The results of the first well in the Cornerstone Prospect was not what was anticipated. There is opportunity to explore further on the lease block, but it will be several months before a decision will be made where to drill a second well. In order move forward now and not depend on the results of the next well to fund the process of returning Ness to trading publically again, a decision has been made to proceed as described below. This new action is being taken at the request of a number of stockholders who have often asked how they could purchase more Ness stock in order to help fund the cost of the SEC filing. Attached is an “Indication of Interest” letter to determine if there would be sufficient interest from stockholders in making an additional investment in Ness Energy at terms that would incentivize the additional investment to fund the legal work to return Ness to trading publicly. The primary use of the funds raised would be to cover all of the costs associated with getting the stock trading in the United States, such as, but not limited to, the following: legal, accounting, audit, market maker, transfer agent, consulting and other various expenses related to completing the process.

It is estimated it would require approximately $75,000 to complete the process. If enough stockholders show an interest in making an additional investment that would be sufficient to fund the outlined costs an offering will be prepared and sent to those who want to make an investment.

Funds collected greater than the amount of the outlined costs would be used to fund a small project or projects that would have an opportunity to produce income for the company and other ongoing expenses that may occur. Details of the type of investment being considered is detailed on the attached Indication of Interest. If you have an interest making an additional investment, so indicate by completing the form and returning it by email or print it out and return by regular mail to the address on the form. If there is sufficient interest to move forward, an offering will be mailed to those who indicate they have and interest. A prompt reply to this announcement would be greatly appreciated.

David M. Boyce
Ness Energy International, Inc.