We are very pleased to announce $67,550 worth of Preferred Stock has been sold to date from the letter posted on the web page. There remains a number of those individuals that submitted an indication of interest in purchasing stock that have not yet done so. Those, together with additional indications of interest that continue to arrive will most likely bring us to the $75,000 goal or even up to the $100,000 limit. Therefore, we feel the current dollar amount is sufficient to begin the preparation of the Form 10 application and other processes required by the SEC toward gaining approval to return Ness to trading Over the Counter.

I ask that you pray we have divine wisdom and insight in preparing the Form 10 and that we provide all the information in such a comprehensive manner there will be no delays or concerns by the SEC in approving the application. We look forward to posting updates as progress is made.

David M. Boyce
Ness Energy International, Inc.