On Monday February 18 we will resume the task of completing the SEC Form 10 application. The consultant who will be performing the task has many decades of experience in completing and filing reports and applications to the SEC. Simultaneously, we will continue to work on recovering the historic accounting data from the failed hard drive. When the Form 10 is complete except for the final accounting data, then we will re-engage the accounting firm to complete what remains of the audit and submit the application to the SEC with or without the historic data. The application can be approved by the SEC without the historic data, but the accounting firm strongly recommended that every effort be made to obtain the 2005 and 2006 financial information prior to filing the application. At that point we can assure the SEC we have done so.

We are very thankful to begin moving forward again with completing the SEC application.

In Jesus Name, 

David M. Boyce
Ness Energy International, Inc.