Historical Accounting Recovery Update:

First of all, I want to thank Gary Houghton for volunteering to assist Ness Energy, free of charge, in recovering the historical accounting data from the server’s failed hard drive. Gary worked for Ness Energy for several years which included the 2005 and 2006 time period. He is actually the person who procured the computer equipment and created Ness’ computer office network. He is very experienced and knowledgeable of computer software and hardware technology as he worked in the industry for over ten years. He began Ness’ recovery process on January 7 th and completed the process later that week.

On January 13 th I drove to Weatherford, TX and met with Gary and Bob Lee (former Ness CFO) to review the recovered data. A good portion of it was recovered intact and other portions were corrupted. This is common in the data recovery process. It was determined the accounting data could not be accessed without the cooperation of the software firm.

On January 18 th , the accounting software company, WolfePak, was very gracious in agreeing to attempt to access the accounting data and make an assessment of the condition of the accounting files and do so for a modest fee. We are very grateful for their willingness to assist us! First of all, they have to determine if they can use their current software to open files from 2005 and 2006 that were saved on their old software program that is now obsolete. If they can open them then they can determined if the data is or is not in usable condition. The exact turnaround time depends on when the WolfePak technicians can work our job into their schedule. We will update you when we know more.

In Jesus Name, 

David M. Boyce
Ness Energy International, Inc.