Since the last update, the primary portion of the audit has been completed, but due to questions that arose that concerned Ness’ last filing with the SEC all the way back in 2006 for the year 2005, the auditor has required detailed accounting schedules be provided concerning liabilities for those two years. We had not anticipated having to provide this historical accounting data or we would have already begun the steps to do so. Bob Lee, the former Ness CFO was contacted as soon as we found out and has retrieved the old Ness server from storage to begin the process to locate and provide the data. Mr. Lee has other commitments and obligations to honor as he works to start up the computer to access the requested data. The more comprehensive and complete the historical accounting received by the SEC in the Ness application, the more timely they can process the application.

NOTE: The time frame to complete the remaining steps and submit the application to the SEC after the audit is finished is detailed in the previous update and remains the best estimate of what we anticipate.


We continue to receive a number of inquiries regarding a private placement of shares of Preferred Stock in the Company from our shareholders and others. The Company has decided to do a second Preferred Stock issuance following our successful offering of our Series A Preferred Stock. We are issuing up to $300,000 of a new Series B Preferred Stock with a 50% discount for conversion to common stock. These shares will not pay any interest/dividend as did the series A. The conversion will allow the individuals to convert the dollar value invested in the Preferred Stock into common shares with the common share price discounted at 50% of what the shares are trading for on the public exchange at the time of the conversion. Details of the conversion terms will be provided in the subscription agreement.

The anticipated use of funds is as follows; approximately $50,000 of the funds raised will be used for legal, accounting, auditors, market makers, advisory and for operational costs required to return the company to trading on a public exchange. Approximately $150,000 of the funds will be used for pursuing the Company’s oil and gas development interests in Israel with the balance being used for some collection efforts on monies owed the Company and for working capital.


Accredited Investors:

Any individual, whether Ness stockholder or not.

Non-accredited Investors:

Limited to stockholders only.

If you may be interested, an updated Indication of Interest will be posted on the website for you to complete and submit.

Thank you for your continued prayer for God’s highest plans to be completed for the U.S., President Trump, Israel and Ness Energy.

In Jesus Name, 

David M. Boyce
Ness Energy International, Inc.