December 11, 2015


I want to thank the faithful "remnant" of Ness Energy stockholders who have continued to believe in the mission of Ness and send emails, letters and other tangible evidences of encouragement and prayerful support for the company. Your communications and support are appreciated more than I can fully express. Thank you so much!

Activities over the last six months have primarily focused on ending the partnership in the private companies which I have been doing business for the past eleven years. There is one pending legal matter that is currently being addressed in order to reconcile the issue. Upon reaching a mutually agreeable arrangement on this matter, steps will begin for the completion of the Security & Exchange Commission (SEC) application. The SEC’s approval of this Form 10 application is required to return Ness to trading on a public exchange. The goal is to have this legal issue brought to a positive conclusion by the end of 2015.

The onshore oil and gas exploration drilling in Israel has been relatively active in 2015. If this activity continues into 2016 it will be very positive for active oil and gas companies there as this will be an incentive for oil field services and equipment required for drilling and completion to be more readily available. Ness Energy will resume its pursuit of oil and gas at the south end of the Dead Sea as soon as its stock begins trading on a public exchange.

I pray that we all have a Christmas full of joy because of all we have received through God’s Son, Jesus. May we be resolute in the coming New Year to honor God and do all required to access the full benefits of His wonderful promises.

David M. Boyce
President and CEO
Ness Energy International, Inc.

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