The Joint Report of the Status of the Court case in Israel was submitted on 1/10/14. The report states: "The Settlement negotiations between and among the parties in the Israeli action have currently broken down. While the Defendants (Ness/Viceroy) in this Oklahoma action who are also Defendants in the Israeli action have already submitted their post-trial submissions, the other Israeli Defendants (DuTsach) not involved in this action have now agreed to submit their post-trial submissions by March 9, 2014. Plaintiff (Alpha Capital) will have thirty days to submit any reply papers. When the Israeli court may thereafter render any decision is undetermined." We at Ness Energy are very pleased to hear the Israeli case is back on track. Another update will be posted as soon as the judge in the U.S. case responds to the Joint Report of Status of the Israeli Action just submitted to him.

David M. Boyce
Ness Energy International, Inc.