Ness' legal counsel in Israel has reported that the Plaintiff, Alpha Capital and Co-Defendant Du Tsach are currently in settlement negotiations. Du Tzach was granted a delay by the court in Israel for the filing of the required final legal Summary because they are in ongoing settlement negotiations. Viceroy, LLC, as the other Co-Defendant will ultimately be included in any final settlement approved by the court.

In order for all those interested to better understand the legal situation in the Israeli case, a copy of the final legal Summary filed by Viceroy, LLC has been translated from Hebrew to English and has been placed on the website. The translation contains a few words that have subtle spelling differences contained in prior Updates and previously released news. Additionally there are some terms and names that most will not be familiar with that are explained in the information sheet set in a Question & Answer format.

We hope you appreciate and enjoy the details provided in the legal Summary. After reading the Summary many of you will undoubtedly have questions to submit. We will do our best to answer the most commonly asked ones in another communication. We are thankful for all of those who continue to send encouraging emails and testimonies of prayers for both cases in Israel and the US courts and continued prayers for the restoration of Ness Energy International, Inc. and the restitution of all that has been lost.



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David M. Boyce
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